Rep. Mike Garcia Said What?!

Rep. Mike Garcia Has Sold His Soul and He Has Broken Nearly Every Pledge He Made Just A Few Years Ago ...

RINO Rep. Mike Garcia Pelosi

Rep. Garcia is Pelosi's Favorite SoCal RINO Often Following Her Lead

Rep. Garcia Sides Against Republicans to Protect Big Tech Censorship

Rep. Mike Garcia voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to protect Big Tech's censorship of conservatives, vaccine-choice advocates and pro-life organizations. His vote to override Trump's crucial veto of Section 230 paved the way for Big Tech to control the MSM narrative on many crucial issues including election integrity


Rep. Garcia Defends Big Pharma, Lockdowns & Endless Vaccines

Mike Garcia has betrayed all conservatives on this specific issue since he sided against the Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. While Rep.Garcia was out shilling for Big Pharma's endless lockdowns and "fighting vaccine hesitancy,"  Mr. Rudnick was fighting to open our schools, small businesses and Churches


Garcia's Reckless Debt Spending is Responsible for Today's Inflation

Rep. Garcia sits on the Appropriations Committee and he has personally overseen the dismantling of America's economy over the past few years. He was one of only 44 Republican RINOs to support giving socialist stimulus checks to prisoners during the bailouts and other free money bonanzas which has led to today's inflation


" I Represent a Very Purple District. I have no blind loyalties to a party, to a president or to any individual. "

- RINO Rep. Mike Garcia 1/20/2021

Rep. Garcia Contributed to The National Housing Affordability Crisis

Rep. Mike Garcia voted with DC elites to spread California's housing crisis to the rest of the nation. Mike campaigned just a few short years ago against the "California model" yet since taking office he has done all he can to further the radical left's agenda of destroying middle class home ownership in America


Rep. Garcia is Weak on National Defense and Has No Foreign Policy

Mike Garcia flip flopped on Afghanistan later panning the conflict as a "forever war" along with Joe Biden. Garcia was silent when Armenians and Christians were slaughtered just a few years ago in Syria. He did not even make a single post on social media in support of Hong Kong when their democracy fell to the communists


Rep. Garcia Votes To Expand The Federal Government's Power & Reach

There was once a time when the Republican Party favored limited government and fought against corrupt Washington bureaucrats who want to manage every small detail of our lives. Mike Garcia campaigned on such ideals but his voting record and recent public statements reflect a different narrative


Rep. Garcia Claimed To Be a "Capitalist" and Business Owner yet He Never Misses an Opportunity to Support Socialism.

He Owns a Failed Business and He May Be Many Things But He is Surely Not a Capitalist.

Mike Never Stood Up To The DC Tyrants and Elites Who Lied To Us. Instead He Helped Them!

“Some demographics will actually become either more paranoid about the vaccine or less trustful of the government. We talked about the Hispanic community with the use of Operation Warp Speed and trusting the process…” - Rep. Mike Garcia