I love my family and my country. As I get older, I am starting to realize more and more that along with God, that is all I have in this life. I am running for US Congress to ensure that our Republic continues on with our ideals and that our children enjoy the same opportunities as we did. In America, we have a tradition of every generation is better off than the last. We are a nation that is constantly moving forward but, post- Vietnman and especially in the past ten years we have taken drastic steps backwards.

Our Congress has passed legislation either knowingly or unknowingly that has destroyed our historic middle class and standard of living. Legislation that is just now starting to manifest itself within our all of our communities. All across Lancaster and Palmdale we see our nation's bravest on the streets and homeless. The 9/11 generation who joined to truly serve and for meager benefits living on the streets. We see the children and grandchildren of the Greatest Generation who fought to defeat fascism and secure democracy around the world now hopeless on the streets that their forefathers built. On the news and in our parking lots, we see entire families living in cars and moving trucks. In many circles, people speak candidly of America being on its way out and that our nation has become" the sick man of the world" as the Ottoman Empire was before its collapse during the First World War.

I believe differently. Our great nation has faced far-worse obstacles both at home and from abroad. And I believe that we are at the dawn of America's finest hour. Many in my generation were raised by our grandparents, the Greatest of all American Generations, and many of us continue on their ideals of Peace through Strength, Liberty and Prosperity.

With your help, we can radically change the direction of our nation. We all share the same goals and aspirations for our children regardless of race, religion or nationality. Please help me and join my campaign as, we work to unite and restore our nation as well as restore our God-given liberties.

"The American people do not have time to research the intricacies of our Congress' budget, the Federal Reserve Banking system and other facets of our economy. The average American simply does not have time between work and family and nor, should they have to learn all of this jargon. They should be able to trust in our leaders to do the right thing which, they have not."