Fighting for Our Seniors

Supporting Seniors and Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

Our Seniors built this great nation through their hard work and also, through their innovation and sacrifice. We owe it to them to protect and strengthen Social Security as well as Medicare. We also need to tighten our social safety net to assure that no American slips through. As a volunteer with Meals on Wheels I have seen firsthand how many of our seniors and especially, the Greatest Generation have been ignored with some potentially suffering from malnutrition if it were not from the local service community. When elected, I will introduce legislation that will further protect our seniors from any sort of future run-away inflation by creating a permanent guard against any inflationary wave that seniors may face in the future. We cannot have a repeat of 2008 when a vast majority of our grandparents went back to work because, their savings were eroded by inflation due, to frivolous spending by the Bush Administration. I will also introduce legislation that will protect our seniors from any sort of predatory practices from banks by putting a cap on overdraft fees as well as offering tax breaks to any bank willing to offer high yield savings and checking accounts to any senior.

We also need more private-public partnerships that encourages the youth to volunteer and get back involved with the community in addition, to mentor programs. So much wisdom can be gained from our elderly and much of my youth was formed by their conversations. Its heartbreaking that so many would be so thankful just for your time when in reality its us who should be thankful for not only their time but, for sharing their wisdom and displaying their strength.

We as Americans cannot lose sight of our heart and morals. We will face times and hear many calls to gut social security. To borrow from it again like in Vietnam. To privatize it like George W. Bush begged for before the stock market crashed. And we will hear calls to dismantle "entitlement programs" altogether by heartless corporate Republicans. As your district representative, I vow to never hurt good people like you and my grandmother who also, relies on her benefits that she earned.

Its not socialism, its the American Way. If you study the original thirteen colonies you will easily find references to all sorts of community-based welfare programs in Pennsylvania among the Amish and Quakers. I guess I am just, "A Damn Yankee from Pennsylvania." Please support me for US Congress (CA-25) and help me protect our district and our nation's seniors.