Ending Homelessness in America

"The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but, from the hand of God." President John F. Kennedy

Every generation deserves the same opportunities as the previous.

I do not believe we need to destroy our historic standard of living nor, further contribute to the homeless crisis in order to protect the environment by leaving vast tracks of land untouched. In fact, with proper schooling, we can become stewards of land once again. Both our Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln envisioned freedmen and settled Native Americans to develop our vast heartland. However, the world's bread basket has been left barren. Our nation once fed all of Europe not once but twice after World War I and World War II when the entire continent and beyond destroyed itself. Now, as a nation, we can barely feed ourselves. Food is not plentiful and what is available is mostly processed and nutrient deficient.

Furthermore, the green pre-fab home industry has advanced leaps and bounds. Gorgeous eco-friendly family homes can be built for pennies on the dollar and quickly. Our generation needs the same opportunity to easily build like the previous generations. As a property owner with holdings all over Los Angeles and Southern California I have found out firsthand how it is nearly impossible to achieve the American Dream of home ownership now. There are no loopholes to build in this state and the county red tape alone can cost over $30,000 and that's before a single brick has even been laid. These California laws are now spreading nationwide and I will go to the US House to ensure that our nation's historic middle class will not be strangled the same way San Francisco and Los Angeles destroyed their working class families.

I will also submit federal legislation that curtails any sort of red tape that hampers Americans from building affordable homes. With your vote of confidence, we can end the homeless crisis in California. The private market always solves what the government cannot.

Rudnick Property Deeds

My SoCal Property Deeds which, Are Useless

"Its frustrating driving by 80 year old cabins on my way to my property in Big Bear and that the county says that I cannot build for fear of earthquakes, fires and every other excuse. But there's that 80 year old cabin. It survived all of that and still going strong. No soil test necessary."