Big Pharma Garcia

If You Value The Constitution and Vaccine Choice Do Not Trust Mike Garcia

Rep. Mike Garcia was one of the few Republicans to buy the false narrative of forced vaccinations to end the pandemic. In fact, he publicly stated it often in speeches, on radio, TV, Twitter and other social media platforms. On record, he scoffed at parental concern and refused to help numerous military families within the district who were looking for support at a Federal level for an exemption. None was to be found at Rep. Garcia's office nor even a voice for conservatives on this crucial issue. Quite the opposite actually! Rep. Garcia has given billions of dollars to bad players who demand the vaccine.

Any potential supporter of Rep. Garcia needs to ask him under what circumstances would he again support closing down our businesses and churches? Big Pharma Garcia simply cannot be trusted especially since Republicans elsewhere in Florida and Texas were scientifically proven correct. Send a message to the establishment this primary election and vote Rudnick on June 8th!


Mike Never Stood Up To The DC Tyrants and Elites Who Lied To Us. Instead He Helped Them!

“Some demographics will actually become either more paranoid about the vaccine or less trustful of the government. We talked about the Hispanic community with the use of Operation Warp Speed and trusting the process…” - Rep. Mike Garcia

" As vaccine production continues to ramp up, we must do our best to get as many Americans vaccinated as possible so that we can reopen our economy and get back to work and school. "

- Rep. Mike Garcia

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" I Represent a Very Purple District. I have no blind loyalties to a party, to a president or to any individual. "

- RINO Rep. Mike Garcia 1/20/2021

RINO Rep Garcia