David Rudnick is a local business owner and real estate investor currently living in Lancaster. He is a lifelong nonprofit volunteer and human rights activist who has also worked tirelessly to protect the environment and civil rights. David is a different type of Progressive Democrat and understands the history behind many of this nation’s long term obstacles and that they must be approached from an entirely new angle. As a business owner and investor David knows firsthand the various obstacles hindering many of America’s newest businesses and women from financial success. Government red-tape and exhausting paperwork that intimidates the average American as well as distracts from the daily routine of running a business. He has experienced the hurdles of the credit system and the exorbitant interest rates to borrow money that are now commonly levied by corporate banks and credit card companies on most Americans. Interest rates that are borderline usury and criminal. As a veteran, David also knows the struggles that all of our service members are going through in and out of uniform. Rudnick has unique legislative ideas that will permanently end veteran homelessness and restore pride within our veteran community. David needs our support because our community and nation need his voice. We encourage you to read a bit more about David Rudnick’s background and his vision below.

"There is no higher calling than public service and to help those in need. The Lord has Blessed all of us with unique talents and qualities but, He has Blessed me with knowledge and wisdom. Both of which, I intend to use to better my fellow man as well as the next generation."

David Rudnick, a Pennsylvanian by birth and raised in a minority-majority small town in South Carolina, is proud to carry on a long family tradition of service to the local community and to the nation. Ideals which were instilled in him by his mother a lifelong children’s Church director and missionary as well as his father who was a veteran and also, assisted with various functions within the Church as a Deacon. In addition, David Rudnick also comes from a long and proud line of veterans on both sides of his family with a storied history on his father’s side that dates back to defending the Union at the height of the Civil War and also, the nation’s founding at the start of The American Revolution.
Rudnick’s own journey into politics began in 1999 at the age of 15 lobbying political and religious leaders against the passage of China’s status to PNTR (Permanent Normal Trade Relations). David recognized even at a young age China’s horrendous human rights abuses as well as their unfair trade practices. Unfortunately, PNTR with China would later pass the Congress and become law leading Rudnick to volunteer for his first political campaigns against those who had supported PNTR- both Democrat and Republican.
A few months later Rudnick decided to volunteer with Sen. John McCain’s first Presidential Campaign in 2000 eventually working his way up to being appointed Deputy Director of Cherokee County in South Carolina (right before the major primary). McCain would lose the primary but Rudnick managed to garner the respect of many of his much older peers. The following year, Rudnick would serve as a personal page to both Governor Mark Sanford and Sen. Lindsay Graham at various functions receiving official accommodations from the state party and the state senate.


"I am proud of my work with the McCain campaign in my early youth- he was an honorable man. What could have been if Sen. McCain was elected over George W. Bush particularly in regards to how the War on Terror & Iraq were handled as, both conflicts were completely mismanaged at the minimum."

Rudnick with McCain
Starting in his senior year of high school though, Rudnick started to have second thoughts to how the Party of Lincoln was being directed. He began to distance himself more and more from the Republican Party citing the Republican’s vehement opposition to LGBTQ rights and being vocally opposed to any curbs on marriage upon any community. Rudnick would later lose a lucrative scholarship for his support for LGBTQ marriage.



"I took an oath to the Constitution to ensure freedom and liberty. The state has no business interfering in personal religious matters. If two consenting and loving adults want to get married that is their right regardless, of their sexual or gender orientation."

rudnick north georgia cadet
infantry rudnick Camp Merrill
Upon graduating high school, Rudnick received admission to the Corps of Cadets at University of North Georgia (one of only seven senior military college in the US). Considered by many to be the sister school of West Point, Rudnick had the opportunity to train with America’s elite Army Rangers and Special Forces at Camp Frank D. Merrill nearby in Dahlonega in addition, to serving as a recruiter for the Corps of Cadets. Rudnick had a dual major in Political Science and International Affairs with a minor in Military Science. He was originally slated to branch into either the Infantry or Artillery but, because of his background in politics and colorblindness he was reassigned at the last minute to commission into the Army as a Civil Affairs officer or into Adjutant General Corps. The following day, Rudnick resigned from the US Army and enlisted in the US Marine Corps as an Infantryman.



"I was told that I was to be a commander not a commando. But I believe that one cannot order men into battle without experiencing it themselves first. There are a lot of people who serve in the military but, not many who can call themselves an Infantryman. Everyone else's job primarily functions to support the Infantry."

marine rudnick 2


Upon graduating from boot camp at Parris Island Rudnick served in the Infantry for only a year before he was re-assigned to a multi-functionary role at Naval Air Station Atlanta. A majority of the Marines in his unit were already deployed to Iraq and Rudnick managed everything from the Toys for Tots program to advising private military contractors. Despite being in the Marines and also being an enlistedman Rudnick still did not shy away from letting his opinions and beliefs known. On multiple occasions he was reprimanded as a whistle-blower and for also opposing the Bush administration’s discharge of all LGBTQ servicemembers, blatant racism, childish hazing and an obviously failing war strategy that jeopardized his best friends lives. Despite past events Rudnick volunteered for a deployment to Iraq as a civil affairs and psychological operations officer. Unfortunately, Rudnick was never deployed to combat operations in Iraq. Prior to his deployment David received a number of vaccinations that crippled his health. In the first 30 days after receiving the inoculations he lost over 15 pounds and his hair started to fall out among many other serious complications that would develop shortly after.


“Doctors still do not know exactly what condition I have. The most common medical consensus is- unknown condition. Second is Crohn’s disease and Celiac is usually the third guess.”


Due to his health, Rudnick was sidelined in the Marine Corps and put on involuntary leave since his unit commander was worried that he could be infectious. During this time, he decided to get back involved in politics and volunteered early in the Presidential campaign cycle deciding to volunteer for both John McCain and Barack Obama as well as Rep. Ron Paul. After President Obama was elected, Rudnick received a Misconduct Discharge from the Marine Corps. Waiting and hoping for change that never came David Rudnick was begged by his unit commanders to stay in the Corps- to which he refused.


“I was shown the files of Marines who had AIDS and others who were caught using hard drugs like meth and cocaine. I was promised that I could stay in the Corps and things would be just like before. They would even kick me upstairs to the Pentagon. I cannot and will not go into details but my conscious could permit no more.”


After serving over five years in the nation’s uniform honorably Rudnick abruptly called it quits. He was initially left with little choices and prospects with a Misconduct Discharge. He was entitled to no benefits and could no longer continue his education as well as receive healthcare. With his health in tatters and his dreams shattered of being the first General Officer in his family he turned to the only other thing that he was good at outside of government- making people laugh.


“Any vestige of privilege that I had known in this life was gone. I interviewed with many corporations for a whole slew of positions but because of my discharge everyone refused to employ me with one hiring manager in Charlotte telling me outright- it would have been better if I had raped someone or committed a war crime. I was a traitor to him.”

With little options left, Rudnick auditioned for and was cast for a number of shows on BET (Black Entertainment Television). He also appeared in a few feature length films and also transitioned into stand up comedy. For three years Rudnick was one of the up and coming comedians in Atlanta sharing the stage with many of today’s biggest names in comedy. David enjoyed the stage and utilized it often to spread a good message but, he eventually found his way back into his true calling.

In 2011, David volunteered with Rep. Ron Paul’s second Presidential campaign. President Obama was not living up to a majority of his campaign promises and David also worried that another corporate or an ultra-conservative would clinch the Republican nomination. Rudnick also cites the national debt as another reason why he decided to support Paul since, it ballooned after the ’08 crash. It did not take long for David to get noticed. He quickly established himself as an ingenious workhorse and was promoted to Deputy Director of Minnesota then, promoted again as the Iowa Coalitions Director. During this time Rudnick assisted with drafting various types of future legislative ideas including the Economic Opportunity Zones legislation which, provides tax breaks and incentives for businesses to relocate to economically depressed areas. Rep. Ron Paul would go on to lose the nomination but not before radically changing the Republican Party and for the better. After the Paul campaign, Rudnick returned to South Carolina and worked for a time as a sheet metal press operator at an ALCOA factory in South Carolina. Back in the Deep South and once again with very little prospects David decided to finally take the advice of many friends and family to move to California.


“I am essentially a refugee in my own country and the USA is flat for me. If I leave California I will leave behind a comfortable life of acceptance and opportunity. California is the only home I know now.”


In 2012, David Rudnick finally moved to the Golden State. In his first year in Los Angeles he worked on more campaigns than, in the past four years living in the Carolinas. He also worked for many nonprofit groups and for many different causes but, most notably on SB1381 a GMO food labeling law. Rudnick is a strong champion of the environment and recognizes that from climate change and nuclear pollution to the Amazon fires and tainted drinking water we are living on an earth that is quickly being destroyed. Rudnick believes that genetically modified foods are one of the most overlooked environmental issues that directly effects everyone and also, has the potential to permanently ruin the nation’s agriculture industry. He has worked tirelessly on this issue and has volunteered with many different groups including Label GMOs.


“If I eat any of these so-called foods that were made in a lab my stomach goes into an immediate cease. My condition can be debilitating and I cannot imagine what children must be going through who have the same symptoms as me. These fake foods must be reigned in not just for the few who are suffering but for all of America. No other nation on earth has the chronic health problems that we do and obesity rates. In fact, the Army and Marines cannot even find suitable recruits nowadays.”


Due to the high cost of living in California, Rudnick shifted over to business and industry for the first time in his life to avoid permanent homelessness. For the past three years, David has worked successfully as a business developer and real estate investor. His unique skill set has successfully saved innumerable medical facilities, restaurants, bars and service companies from imminent collapse. His simple yet, military-like approach to business has garnered him many praises from his clients and a modest living as well. Rudnick arrived to Los Angeles almost homeless and now owns properties all over LA as well as Big Bear. He achieved the California Dream and is now a devoted husband and a proud father of a 2 year old little boy, Zevy, and a beautiful little girl, Rebekah.


“Only in Cali.”


David is seeking higher office to ensure that future generations will not needlessly have to experience the same struggles as he did. He also wants to protect our district and the nation from the chronic problems that are plaguing other California cities. To ensure healthcare for all Americans and to protect our nation’s most vulnerable- the elderly, our children and pregnant women. He wants to protect our American economy from a hostile China and Russia that continuously subverts our industries internationally and within the US. He has experienced firsthand how international intelligence operations posing as lone wolf hackers are now destroying American companies they cannot compete with online. Rudnick will enact national legislation that will protect this nation’s helpless small businesses from online sabotage. Rudnick also wants to ensure that our young men and women who serve in uniform are treated accordingly and when deployed to combat oversees are given all of the opportunities and luxuries of the Greatest Generation of the Second World War. He is seeking to restore our liberties and our moral compass. To remind all Americans of our grandparents’ ideals who fought to end fascism and tyranny around the world as well as at home with the Civil Rights Movement. He will restore that great flame of hope that use to animate all of us. With your vote and support we can radically change America and ensure our district continues to prosper and to also, bring prosperity back to the entire nation. On March 2, vote for David Rudnick for US Congress and help us send a true visionary leader with solutions to Washington DC.