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Ending Homelessness in America

Its Time to Forever End The Downtrodden American Veteran and Restore Pride to Our Veterans

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Honoring Those Who Served and Their Children

As a former Marine with hairline fractures in my spine, a permanently dislocated shoulder, two slipped discs and a fractured sternum, all sustained while on duty or during field training exercises, I can tell you that the life of an Infantryman is not your regular 9-5. 

Doctors often ask me if I were a professional athlete at one time or a stuntman down in Hollywood due, to the amount of injuries and scars that I sustained over a five year period during my service. America's heroes suffer far worse than, I do. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish that some of my friends go through on an hourly basis.

People never hear about the stories of how these young men require 24/7 care and treatment due, to injuries that are almost unspeakable from an IED blast that reached boiling temperature within their Bradley Fighting Vehicle (one of the worst light- armored scout vehicles in the world). 

To be direct, many of our veterans from the Vietnam generation to the 9/11 generation are disillusioned with the Republic for many reasons but, financial stability and homelessness should not be one of them. Historically, this nation relies on her veterans for leadership and all of our best Presidents and civic leaders have consistently worn the uniform. However, since the Vietnam War, many of our veterans have been discriminated against both economically and socially.

After FDR and John Kennedy no Democratic Administration has truly stepped up to the plate and saw to it that our veterans were properly served. Conversely, almost every Republican President except, Eisenhower has approached military benefits with scorn with many often times, cutting benefits or barely raising them. A meager raise that barely adjusts to inflation now the everyday norm under Trump. This charade must come to an end or the Republic will.

When I am elected to the United States Congress I will submit emergency legislation for a new Servicemembers Homestead Act which, will be made available to all military, police and fire department personnel with a minimum of ten years of service or who were disabled while on duty. The Servicemembers Homestead Act waives all Federal, State, County and City taxes levied upon a veteran's home and for in perpetuity for two generations (for that veteran's children and grandchildren so that they can enjoy their golden years).

In addition, private loans will have the interest rate capped at a modest 9% for the entirety of the loan and all servicemembers are eligible for a down payment grant as well of up to $15,000. The current "zero down" VA loan guarantees a high monthly payment which, many working class veterans default on. 

Credit scores will also be waived and will not be applicable to any veteran who is a home buyer. America's heroes should not be subject to the whims of international corporations who do not care nor, care to understand our struggles with seemingly engaging in sabotaging our lives..

For those veterans and servicemembers who have no real financial prospects, this new Homestead Act will also include provisions for guaranteed housing within all rapidly expanding metro areas like Lancaster-Palmdale where new housing developments are quickly being built. This law will earmark at least two homes per planned division to be allocated to that community's local heroes. For those veterans who hate the city, government- owned plots in registered USDA areas will be made available to them in which, cabins and prefabricated homes can easily be built at the veteran's request (no mobile homes allowed due to their questionable long term viability).

Once the home is paid in full, it can never be taken from that family for a minimum of two generations. 

And no, you are not allowed to Re-Fi the home!

I am part Venetian and often times, study what were those qualities that made ancient Rome and the Venetian Republic great. Those two systems that our Founding Fathers looked to for guidance for when they formed our nation. I have found that the "in perpetuity" system is what made ancient Rome truly great. Thousands of years ago the Roman Senate saw that their centurions and policing forces suffered tremendously from what we would call today PTSD. The horrors of battle, war and even for their fire personnel rescuing burning children- are just simply unimaginable.

No one should have to speak of them nor, should our veterans and heroes have to. Nor should they be kicked out of their home during their times of struggle by the very government that they served. 

Democrats have sweeping welfare programs for every demographic except, our veterans and first responders. Its time we break bread and take care of the people who have devoted their lives to taking care of us.

It worked for ancient Rome for over 1000 years and this legislation will renew the morale of our Republic as well as guarantee it for another 250 years. With your vote and support, I will see to it that Washington knows of our pain and heartbreak so, that we can permanently end veteran homelessness. 

Now that President Trump has disengaged from a number of international conflicts including, Syria we should naturally have more money in the budget to take care of our aging heroes many of whom served tour after tour and who are on the streets of Los Angeles everyday.

I am not just another corporate "yes" vote for either wing of our broken system. I will go to Washington to represent the lost American Way and restore true pride within our veteran community.