Not One More Child, Not One More Soul

Today, in America we live in a throw-away society based on greed, materialism and consumerism. If something is not convenient, we simply discard it or move on to something better. Unfortunately, this mindset has been ingrained in our nation's parents, justice system and hospital system. As a man of principle, I am running as a proud whole life candidate. I believe that the state has no business in guaranteeing the destruction of life whether those avenues be abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia or assisted suicide. In fact, the US government is required to ensure life, liberty and justice for all. We, as Americans, have lost sight of what truly use to motivate us as a great people and that is our families. How can we ever expect peace in this world or a better tomorrow when half of all young mothers destroy their own legacy through abortion? How can we expect to love our neighbors and sow seeds of forgiveness when the death penalty is the exact opposite of our traditional morals? And what sort of compassion can we expect from our doctors and nurses with assisted suicide and euthanasia within the very near future of being universally accepted?