Vaccine Choice

A True Voice for Vaccine Choice for Our Mothers and Fathers

Big Pharma let its true colors show with the opioid epidemic (which I tried to warn people about in 2009 but to no avail). Can we really trust this industry with vaccines in a nation that thrives on profits? I am not anti-vaccination however, there are certain medical conditions and religions which, necessitate exemptions. Exemptions that can take months to be granted and ruin lives. I understand the argument for vaccines against everything and also, understand that there are much more nobler battles to be waged than, mandating the HPV vaccine for all pre-teen girls. California is a tolerant state and it baffles me that our state is at the forefront of pushing what seems to be medical science's newest form of lobotomy. I am also deeply concerned about the composition of vaccines and I will do all I can to bring this issue to the forefront of the US House of Representatives when elected.

In addition, in order to cut down the nation's crippling national debt as well as inflation that hurts our seniors the Congress needs to end the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Big Pharma needs to start paying for its own mistakes. Not the US government. As a deficit hawk this will be the first program I go after to cut.

My platform on this issue is simple. I will go to the US Congress and federally mandate vaccine choice nationwide, stop the manufacture of certain vaccines, roll back the schedule, launch a Congressional investigation into vaccine ingredients and additives.

To be candid and honest, I don't have my 2 year old boy and 6 month old girl vaxxed at this time. Why would I make yours? If you favor choice on this issue you have no better friend than me. As a vaccine-injured Marine, I know firsthand the dangers of exotic vaccinations. I am facing great obstacles not just physically but also, from Big Pharma and cannot do this by myself. This has to be a movement by the people because, like everything else in America its the people that have to make things right. Please volunteer today even, if you don't live in SoCal and we can still find ways to make your voice heard on this crucial issue.