America's national debt will soon become an economic and national emergency with the potential for Weimar-like runaway inflation. There is 100% potential that the dollar can be worth absolutely nothing and your savings as well as hard work will also all be for nothing. My educational background and experience as a business developer are both perfectly suited to deal with the national debt. The House of Representatives is notorious for frivolous spending and laughable programs that cost millions of dollars. More importantly, there are still pork barrel military programs on the budget today that even Sen. John McCain railed against decades ago in the 90's. These expensive and outdated defense programs not only waste every good taxpayer's hard earned cent but, also reduces our military's combat capabilities endangering our young men and women in uniform worldwide.

I refuse to take any kind of corporate PAC money or donations from special interest groups so, I owe nothing to no one. I am a common sense businessman and as an avid reader I will diligently look through every bill and piece of legislation before signing anything.


Since September of 2019, what was written above has been left unchanged. On the record, David Rudnick and Rep. Mike Garcia were the only two candidates to warn of the national debt and inflation during the last election. However, within months of being elected to Congress Mr. Garcia buckled on his beliefs and his campaign pledge to defend capitalism. Rep. Garcia voted for multiple bailouts and pork packages including the so-called CARES Act which unnecessarily added $2.2 trillion to our debt to bailout businesses that were already failing like Sears and JCPenny.

"RINO's spent billions of dollars to bailout Sears and other zombie companies that were already on their way out needlessly adding to our national debt and inflation. The bailouts also made America less competitive worldwide in addition to totally derailing capitalism and the free market. Mike Garcia may be many things but he is not a traditional free market capitalist." - David Rudnick

Furthermore, Rep. Garcia was 1 of only 44 Republicans in the entire House who voted to essentially open Pandora's box to socialism. Rep. Garcia voted in support of stimulus checks while, once again unnecessarily adding to our national debt and contributing to inflation. Rep. Garcia even demanded more money for this initial and first of its kind socialist program. A broken program with very little oversight and seemingly no leadership since it rewarded felons and also doled almost $1 billion dollars in funds to federal prisoners with our taxpayer money.  As David Rudnick also warned, now that the Democrats have taken over they expanded and capitalized on the socialist Republican spending bills that were passed with the help of Rep. Garcia.

"As an actual real life business owner I will always defend the free market, capitalism and the economic principles that have made America the greatest nation in history." - David Rudnick