America's national debt will soon become an economic and national emergency with the potential for Weimar-like runaway inflation. There is 100% potential that the dollar can be worth absolutely nothing and your savings as well as hard work will also all be for nothing. My educational background and experience as a business developer are both perfectly suited to deal with the national debt. The House of Representatives is notorious for frivolous spending and laughable programs that cost millions of dollars. More importantly, there are still pork barrel military programs on the budget today that even Sen. John McCain railed against decades ago in the 90's. These expensive and outdated defense programs not only waste every good taxpayer's hard earned cent but, also reduces our military's combat capabilities endangering our young men and women in uniform worldwide.

I refuse to take any kind of corporate PAC money or donations from special interest groups so, I owe nothing to no one. I am a common sense businessman and as an avid reader I will diligently look through every bill and piece of legislation before signing anything.

"I will not co-sign my name to anything that is corrupt or will add further needless burdens to America's national debt. This insanity must stop. Look at what we have now. And what will our children inherit in the future?"