The United States needs a new approach to our foreign policy, international commitments and also the way we wage war. America is a privileged and blessed nation but, with great power also comes great responsibilities. Around the world we see democracy and liberty under attack yet, we really do not do anything about it and often times now make matters worse.

Post-WW2, time and time again we have compromised our morals for the convenient route out or keeping costs down. We fight wars to a stalemate only to leave our enemies to fight another day. All around the world we see from Hong Kong and Iraq to Israel and Egypt democracies are under attack and faltering. Unfortunately, the United States is a debtor nation and we must pick and choose our conflicts wisely or risk another 2008 financial crisis.

We must not shy away from our responsibilities but we cannot police the entire world. We need a strategic reassessment of our priorities as well as those of the US Navy and Air Force. Listed below are a few priority issues that I would pursue in the US Congress:


Before I was discharged from the military I took a particular interest with policy issues dealing with Iran which, I basically stumbled upon. On a number of occasions I heard various rumors swirling around many circles debating Iranian appeasement in 2005 to 2006. Many excuses and historical reasons were given as to why Iran deserved nuclear capabilities but, none were rooted in the simple fact that Persia was currently run by madmen.

We must do all we can to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons worldwide but more importantly to keep them out of the hands of known terrorist regimes and anti-Semites like Iran. The United States must not shy from her responsibilities worldwide. Regardless, of who caused the problem it is up to us now to solve it.

I admit that I became a "peacenik" after my initial discharge truly believing that there was a time and place where drastic disengagements from the international scene would have worked but that time has forever gone. The nation faces new problems and needs strong leadership with true vision.

Unfortunately, this is not 2008 and we now have an overly aggressive Russian nation led by an anti-Semitic KGB stooge, the Chinese openly sabotaging our economy and an Iran with nuclear capabilities threatening the Jewish people. The tiny nation of Israel is facing imminent destruction without immediate American intervention. Iran has a long history of supporting terrorism including, bombing our bases in Beirut in 1983 that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of our brave Marines, sailors and soldiers. In addition, a majority of the bombs that killed our servicemen and women during the Iraq War were all mostly traced to Iran resulting in thousands of more needless casualties. Nonetheless, President Obama decided to appease this terrorist regime and now President Trump refuses to do anything realistic to ensure that this psychotic regime does not acquire viable nuclear weapons. The clock is literally ticking. When elected, I will see to it that our Navy gets the funding it needs to strengthen its capabilities for a future JFK-style naval blockade against Iran. I have tried in vain over the years to get President Trump to enact such measures but I believe its not too late. Are we, as Americans, going to stand idly by once again ensuring the destruction of the Jewish people? Its known among many historians that we enabled Hitler before the Second World War by letting Henry Ford and GM arm the Third Reich to the teeth. Now we have armed the Iranians as well as given them pallets of cash to ensure their nuclear program's development. I do not want war. I am against needless wars and I am proud to be the only Federal candidate in the United States of America calling for an outright quarantine and naval blockade against Iran in order to stop a nuclear holocaust. It worked for President Kennedy to disarm Cuba and the Soviets... and it will work for our generation to ensure the peace as well as the survival of the Jewish people.

Hong Kong & China

If the communist Chinese choose to send in troops into Hong Kong that should be a clear red line to end Permanent Normal Trade Relations with this tyrant nation. If it were up to me I would park two carrier fleets off the coast of Hong Kong Island and tell the communists that any previous agreement with the UK or the UN is now null and void due, to their extradition bill. However, I am only running for US Congress for now. It is my firm belief that if we let Hong Kong fall, the world's freest economy, the rest of the Asian economic Tigers will go down with Hong Kong. Anyone who doubts the seriousness of Chinese aggression should research the islands that they literally built in the South China Sea. In a desperate bid to claim resources from The Philippines the Chinese are building a great wall of artificial islands across the boundaries of The Philippines our historic ally. Without American assistance, the tiny island nation of The Philippines is doomed to at the minimum become a vassal state of Red China. Are we to abandon the good people of The Philippines again the same way we did during the Second World War? Disengagement would be disastrous for the entire Pacific community including Australia and New Zealand.


The Progressive wing of the Democratic Party has lost sight of their true friends in the Middle East. People forget all too quickly that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where anyone within the LGBTQ can live freely with Israel being a safe harbor to many Muslim refugees who are gay, lesbian or trans. They forget that its the only country in the region where women enjoy equal rights carrying on a proud legacy that goes back to Prime Minister Golda Meir. They also forget the history of the Jewish people and Iran's nuclear threats to utterly destroy them even if it means the destruction of Iran itself- a policy of suicide. Its unbelievable to think that the Party of Harry Truman might very well go down the road of betrayal. I, for one, am not going to tolerate this. The United States of America and Israel have an unshakable bond that goes far beyond economic or cultural ties but, we are bound by a spiritual kinship. Our great ally Israel is facing one of her most perilous times. Her technological advantages are quickly disappearing and with an Arab NATO on the horizon (which was Trump's great idea) coupled, with a nuclear Iran the situation militarily seems bleak. In reality, the US and particularly the Bush family have armed the Gulf Arabs to the teeth. In the future, Israel will not face inferior Warsaw Pact weaponry as before but, new American-made cutting edge equipment. I applaud Rep. Katie Hill for blocking further arms sales to the Arab Gulf nations but, further steps must be taken. The United States has a bad habit of derailing Israeli security. We need to work together with the Israelis as well as all of our Western allies to try to find a permanent path towards a de-nuclearized Iran as well as to welcome Iran and its people back into the international community.