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David Rudnick Lancaster CA CSUN
David Rudnick is a local business owner and real estate investor currently living in Lancaster. Mr. Rudnick owns and operates a chain of appliance repair companies in Las Vegas, San Jose, Santa Clarita and Palmdale. He is a lifelong nonprofit volunteer and human rights activist who has also worked tirelessly to protect the Constitution, the unborn, the environment and more recently our stranded allies abruptly left behind in Afghanistan. More importantly, Rudnick understands the history behind many of this nation’s long term obstacles and that they must be approached from an entirely new angle. As a business owner and investor David knows firsthand the various obstacles hindering many of America’s newest busines owners from financial success. Government red-tape and exhausting paperwork that intimidates the average American as well as distracts from the daily routine of running a business. He has experienced the hurdles of the credit system and the exorbitant interest rates to borrow money that are now commonly levied by corporate banks and credit card companies on most Americans. Interest rates that are borderline usury and criminal. As a veteran, David also knows the struggles that all of our service members are going through in and out of uniform. He also owns and operates many businesses chiefly
EZ Fix Appliance Repair Las Vegas
EZ Fix Appliance Repair Palmdale
EZ Fix Appliance Repair San Jose
San Jose HVAC Repair
24/7 Refrigeration Repair
Expert Commercial Appliance Repair
G&R Trucking
Frederick Estate Sales

"There is no higher calling than public service and to help those in need. The Lord has Blessed all of us with unique talents and qualities but, He has Blessed me with knowledge and wisdom. Both of which, I intend to use to better my fellow man as well as the next generation."