I support Impeachment articles against President Donald J. Trump and believe that it might now very well be a national security issue. I admit, I was one of those who was willing to give the President a chance at first for the sake of unity. However, things have become apparent now as well as President Trump's mismanagement of our foreign policy.

Its cringe worthy how cozy Trump is with Vladimir Putin. He does not even try to hide it. Now that Trump wants to admit this Tsarist anti-LGBTQ and anti-Semitic regime back into the G20 its apparent what his game is. We have had previous administrations both Democratic and Republican destroy entire facets of our economy offshoring to China. Now in our generation, we have another administration that has done all it can to destroy and undermine all of the historic alliances that the Greatest Generation built after the Second World War. Trump has alienated the Turks our longtime NATO ally and check against Russia in the Dardanelles. Trump has rolled back our commitments in Eastern Europe jeopardizing liberty for the Baltic peoples, he's in talks with the Taliban of all damn people and on top of it all he is further trying to appease a permanently angry Iran who now has nuclear capabilities. I don't care what anyone says about Mike Pence at least he'd be for our own people- not Russia.

After Rep. Katie Hill sided with conservatives and Republicans to vote against impeachment articles against President Donald J. Trump multiple times I decided that our community deserved a true voice that represents all people. I am a former supporter of Rep. Hill and I am deeply disappointed on this issue as well as many others. I believe that Donald Trump is destroying this nation. The President and his supporters now speak of the possibility of another Civil War but, one which is of their doing since his divisive rhetoric has alienated our local immigrant community for the next two generations. His language and actions in recent years has even eroded his own voter base within the Evangelical and Catholic communities as well as with many gun owners. Furthermore, he ran for office as a businessman and so-called fiscal conservative yet his debt spending is on par with any liberal President but, with nothing to show for it. The budget deficit has never increased so drastically before in our modern era which, will surely lead to another crash as well as eroding our seniors' hard- earned savings. It is time that he goes. Trump either has no basic understanding of economics or he simply does not care about future generations. The President is essentially trashing our currency.

I am running to make your voice heard and also, your anger felt. Voting for David Rudnick is a vote to make Mike Pence the new President of the United States and as soon as possible. At least Mike Pence will be beholden to Evangelicals and the Mother Church and not Mother Russia.